I’m in the last month of my degree. I physically, mentally, and emotionally can’t keep up with a poem a day.

However, any feedback would be appreciated, I’m just curious as to what effect (if any) my poems have on anyone. Also, if anyone is interested in links to each others pages in each others blogroll things (I think their called that anyway) for wider views, leave a comment!

Silent breaks,

in a weaving of renga,

cannibalizing all reason.

Skin quivers,

As a stray cats claw is heard

cutting through latex. Flesh, surfacing.

Our bodies, empty of air, carried off in the heat of our breath.



Sorry to keep all you adoring fans waiting but I’ve been so busy and without a computer the last few day so have missed a couple of days of this poetry month thing. But here we go.


Rectangles of light

gliding over her face.

Rippling over the landscape,

then running back to the sun.


But these flashes never disturb her

dancing alone in twilight, weightless.

Only at the sound of an un-named alarm she wakes,

blackened eyes remain immobile.

Collecting the dust that bare feet have

trod into the floor.



First Poem

Hello there,

I spotted the NaPoWriMo 30 days 30 poems thing and thought I would give it a go. Please accept though I’m a day late.

Here’s a poem about yesterday, seeing as one should of been done then.


Searching in a bin for yesterday,

It’s dregs get lodged under my nails,

Tasting them to understand,

they remind me of black and fudge.

Did that stranger passing matter, when they were made by my own flesh,

was a bird’s crackling throat heard, when there were only echoes in my head.

Now they do.

Yesterday didn’t exist,

but it whispers that it did.